Enrichment Classes

We recognize the importance of having a strong academic foundation, so we introduce students to classes that enrich learning, broaden knowledge and interests, and increase curiosity about themselves and our world.

Fine Arts

Fine Arts are integrated into all academic areas of our curriculum. It is our goal for students of all grades to discover, express, develop and demonstrate their God-given gifts and talents. 


Middle school students are given the option to participate in chorus or guitar. 

Students learn vocal technique in a choral setting, work on performance etiquette, develop and refine music appreciation and musical expression, as well as sing a variety of choral songs. Students showcase their choral development through ministry and during school productions.


Guitar lessons at SCS give students a solid foundation by learning the correct skills to be successful at playing the guitar. Students develop essential techniques, develop finger dexterity, learn ear training for sound and rhythm, and learn to read music. Students have the option to participate in guitar or chorus.

Visual Arts

Visual arts is a universal language that helps students with creativity and innovation. It emphasizes problem solving and helps students think in new and different ways. Visual arts actively engages student in problem solving and helps them learn acceptance of individual differences.

Performing Arts

The middle school students annually present The Dinner Theater. Students learn about stage presence, acting, set design, memorization, and presentation. Each student is required to be a part of the production. Tickets for the show are sold to the public and help fund class trips.

Foreign Language

With cultural diversity in today's world, studying a second language increases global understanding. 

Spanish class at SCS  gives students the experience of a new culture, supports abstract and creative thinking, and increases cognitive development.

Physical Education

Physical Education is an integral part of a child's learning experience.

Physical Education at SCS: 

• helps develop motor skills;

• teaches the importance of taking care of the body;

• builds muscle strength; 

• increases self confidence; 

• develops the ability to communicate and work with others as a team;

• teaches the importance of setting goals;

• and develops character.


Technology is integrated into every classroom and academic area of our curriculum.  

Our middle school students are provided with their own laptop computers to facilitate and enhance their learning environment.  

We understand that technology dramatically changes and expands daily. Today's students engage with their world in an interactive environment.  They express and demonstrate their learning and mastery through digital art and video presentations.  Our goal is to facilitate their learning using all available tools of technology.