Uniform Policy


All students should be dressed in a neat, clean and presentable manner.  Clothing should not be too tight or too big/baggy.  Extremes in hairstyles will not be permitted. Students are required to have their shirts tucked-in and shoelaces tied. Should a child’s dress or grooming be in violation of the dress code, a notice explaining the violation will be sent home to the parents.  No visible artificial tattoos.



Hair:  Hair is to be clean, styled neatly out of the eyes and 2 inches above the collar. NO Spiked Mohawk styles are allowed.  Styles that draw undue attention to the wearer are not acceptable.  Boys are not permitted to wear earrings.



Hair:  Hair is to be clean and neatly cut. Hair style or coloring that draws undue attention to the wearer is not acceptable.  Long hair should be worn in a ponytail on PE days.   Please wear shorts underneath dresses and skirts.

Make‑up:  Make‑up is not permissible at SCS, this includes false fingernails.  


Dress Code Offenses Procedure:

1.  Dress Code offense notice will be sent home.

2.  Parent will be called to bring in uniform change of clothes.

3.  The student will be sent home for the day.



All Uniforms may be purchased from:


       -Land’s End  800-469-2222    School ID# 9000-3884-5

       -Custom LogoWare, Wilmington 681-0888

       -Any store selling uniform shorts, pants, and plain polo shirts without any logo

other than SCS lighthouse logo. (NO CARGO STYLES ALLOWED)

       -Girls’ plaid items must be purchased from either Land’s End or Custom LogoWare

Elementary School Dress Code


SHIRTS:   Navy, White, Red, Hunter/Evergreen polo shirts and turtlenecks. Short and long sleeved.


SLACKS, SHORTS, SKORTS, SKIRTS:     Navy, and Khaki Uniform style.  (No cargo styles)


GIRLS LENGTH of skirts, skorts, and shorts.  No shorter than 4 inches above knee.     


Boys:     Hunter/Evergreen polo shirt and Khaki shorts or slacks


Girls:      Hunter/classic navy plaid skort, skirt or jumper from Lands’ End or Custom LogoWare

              Hunter/Evergreen polo shirt OR girls may also wear white peter pan collared shirts M-F.


Socks and Tights:  Must be solid navy, red, green or white.  No leggings or pants under jumpers/skirts.


PE Uniform:   

Shoes:  Must wear tennis shoes to participate.

Optional PE Shirt:  SCS logo t-shirt.  Navy, white, red, or green from Lands  End or Custom LogoWare.  Must have school logo.

Girls with long hair must wear it in a ponytail for P.E.



Preschool and PreK students:  Hunter green and Khaki must be worn to Chapel on Fridays.                               

DRESS DOWN DAYS –Usually held the 3rdThursday of each month

·         No tank tops, halter tops, or strapless tops (3 inch rule for strap applies)

·         Tunic or tee shirt must cover modestly any tight leggings.

·         Bermuda shorts are allowed-4” above the knee

·         No sandals.  Socks required with shoes.


Boys and Girls-Other:

Clothing:  All clothing worn at SCS must follow our UNIFORM POLICY.  The mandatory uniforms as outlined in the uniform policy must be worn each Friday for chapel and during other special days during the school year as designated by the staff or School Board.  The parents of any student who is not in an approved SCS uniform will be notified to bring a uniform to school or to take their child home to put on a uniform before returning to class.  Hats may not be worn indoors.

All sweatshirts, sweaters and vests must be plain in the front-no logos (except for SCS) or writing on them, and must be navy, white, red or hunter green if worn in class.          


Shoes:  Shoes and socks must be worn at all times.

  • No heeled shoes are allowed.  Soles must be flat bottomed, or less than ½” high.

  • Sandals are not allowed.

  • On P.E. Days:  students must wear tennis shoes/sneakers to school.  If not, they will not be allowed to participate in P.E. that day.

  • Straps on back of all shoes, with socks under them.

Middle School Dress Code

SHIRTS:            White, gray heather, maize (yellow), red, navy, and evergreen polo shirts and

                        Turtlenecks.  Short and long sleeved.  MUST BE FROM LANDS END.



                        No Cargo styles OR Capri pants.


Please note that length of skirts, shorts, and skorts must not be shorter than 4’ above knee.

Friday Chapel Uniform

Boys:               Hunter/Evergreen polo shirt and khaki shorts or slacks from Land’s End.


Girls:                Hunter/Evergreen polo shirt or white Peter Pan collared shirt.

                        Hunter/Classic Navy Plaid skort or skirt.  MUST BE FROM LAND’S END.


Note:                Girls may wear khaki pants on Fridays, December 1 – March 31 due to cold weather.


Socks and Tights:         Must be solid-navy, white, everygreen/hunter green.



Shoes:             Must wear tennis shoes to participate.


PE Shirt:          Athletic Tee:  Lands End    color-white

PE Shorts:       Boys/Girls Athletic Shorts:   Lands End    color-dark navy


Girls’ hair:        Long hair must be pulled back in ponytail.